• Unique Montessori Private School
    • A primary goal of a Montessori education is to help each child reach his/her full potential in all areas of life, including emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and cognitive aspects.
    • Play is Serious Work
    • TMA encourages infant and toddler development through a variety of methods such as sensorial exploration, reading, signing, and a dialogue of gentle tones with caregivers.
    • Independent Learners
    • TMA students are able to learn at their own pace as teachers have more than three years of curriculum available to personalize instruction for each student.

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The Montessori Academy of Arlington
An education as unique as your child.

Our educational programs provide children from 6-weeks to 6th grade with a multi-age community of learners and multisensory learning experiences using concrete materials to learn concepts. Our programs include Infant, Toddler, Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and Elementary. Please explore our site to find out how Montessori provides children with the opportunity to become self-motivated, active learners who expand their concentration, cooperation, and self-discipline through our learning structure and the prepared environment.

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