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Learn, Explore, and Play at Camp TMA

This is not your average Summer Camp!

CAMP TMA, TMA’s Elementary Summer Program, welcomes students ages 6-12 to a Montessori Summer. The 9-week summer term is included in our year-round option, and is also available by session for students enrolled in the school-year option. Our summer program offers emphasis on special topics and activities while maintaining a Montessori environment focused on strengthening independence and interdependence. For all sessions, mornings will be spent outdoors in activities focused on gardening, movement, collaborative games, and exploration of our 5-acre wildscape.

Rising Fifth and Sixth Levels will extend this work into the afternoons, under the guidance and supervision of our outdoor classroom specialist, Mr. Walt. Rising Second through Fourth Levels will spend their afternoons in one of our Elementary classrooms sharpening math and reading skills with a variety of materials. For rising First Level students, afternoons will be spent in the Elementary Bridge Class with other First Levels. Both classrooms will be led by current Montessori-credentialed teachers.

The Elementary Bridge Class is designed to give rising First Levels an Elementary environment created to meet their unique needs as they transition to the Elementary Program. Academic materials and lessons, continued from the Early Childhood curriculum and presented in small groups, will reinforce and refine existing skills. An afternoon work cycle will give children an introduction to Elementary work expectations in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Special hands-on activities will allow children to explore summer camp themes in fun, creative ways.

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May 30- June 2

How well would you do if you had to live in the woods? Come learn all about outdoor survival and how to be a good primitive camper. We will learn to navigate with and without a compass and hone our shelter building skills. Campers will learn the fine art of packing a backpack for hiking and practice casting to develop our skills for fishing. We will end the session with a family overnight stay at Camp TMA. Campers will show their families new skills and set-up camp. The overnight activities will include a night hike and stories and songs around the campfire!



June 5 - June 16

Join us as we unearth the lives of the first people to walk on our soil! We will explore the first people's shelter, food, adornment, and many other social customs. We will focus on Native American tribes indigenous to Texas such as Apache, Caddo, Comanche, Kiowa, Cherokee, Coushatta, Kickapoo, and Wichita. Some activities may include outdoor shelter building, preparing and enjoying native food, and advancing our peacemaking skills through the heritage of the peace-stick. This session will include field trips to Trinity River Farm & Equestrian Center and Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.


June 19 - June 30

Have you ever wondered about the science that happens in a kitchen? Kitchens aren’t just a place to prepare a meal for family dinner. Join us this session to become a kitchen chemist! Explore physical and chemical changes that happen in the kitchen with just a few kitchen staples like salt, baking soda, vinegar, and water. We will do experiments, demonstrations, make exciting discoveries, and enjoy exploring the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. Be ready for things to get messy!



July 10 - July 21

Here ye, here ye! We request the presence of the most adventurous lords and ladies in the land! Come hither and partake in the adventure of a lifetime! During this session, we will experience the Middle Ages like never before through interactive quests, games, performances, and a visit to Medieval Times. Perchance, even a dragon or two? It will be an astounding grand time!



July 24 - August 4

Imagine being able to take off on a space adventure, discover planets, explore the stars, and get an up close look at the sun…all while never leaving the ground! What’s up there? Who gets to explore it all? We’ll learn about our universe, how to get to space, and who gets to go through reading, art projects, research, and discovery, including a night of star gazing. We can’t wait to take off on this interstellar journey with you!


Camp TMA is open to current TMA students and children who attend other schools - for further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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From a Former TMA Parent

"Having moved to a different school, state, and system, I can see what an amazing education my child received at TMA. If my family was in Texas my children would immediately attend!

TMA taught my kids a lot more than just academics - it taught them to respect others and challenge themselves."

Former TMA Parent